Independent Church of God 7th Day
 P.O. Box 1328
 7936 Highway 14 S
 Yellville, AR 72687 - (870) 613 4150


Updated 11/27/15
Upcoming Events:

April 22, 2016

Unleavened Bread

April 23-29, 2016


June 12, 2016

Independent Church of God 7th Day
A Statement of Our Beliefs
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Does God Heal Today?
 Prayer is something most of us do, but we may not necessarily think about the condition or quality of it. We all know something about what prayer is, how prayer is done, whom we pray to, and how often we should pray.

   Our main concern is: Does God hear our prayers? One reason why we want God to hear our prayers is Luke 11:13, which says that God gives His Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. Continue....
The Sabbath Day For True Christians
7 Proofs the 7th Day Sabbath is to be Kept

Are you a Christian? There is much confusion today as to what makes someone a Christian.  A True Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. Continue...